Top 10 Best Ringtones For Rap lovers

Top 10 Best Ringtones For Rap lovers

1. Lean Back - Terror Squad feat. Fat Joe


A nice hip hop groove, this is a trail which couldn't be ignored. When you danced to the beat or simply pumped up it as it hit the radio, you will love"Lean Back" in polyphonic tone shape. 


Who it is for: The laidback, cool man who likes to unwind with his team and carries life real simple is created for its"Lean Back" ringtone. 



2. Pink Panther Theme


Whether you enjoyed the Peter Sellers show or even the animation, this tune looks tailor-made to get a mobile phone. It is a classic that generations are knowledgeable about. 


Who it is for: The active man who receives four hours of sleep per night and requires a ringtone which will be easily heard over the din of different cells which invade the atmosphere in public areas. 


3. 1, 2 Step - Ciara feat. Missy Elliott


One of the latest tunes of 2004, Ciara broke through on this particular club anthem and never return. You can now gain from her achievement by downloading one of the freshest,hottest tones out there. Hey, perhaps you can showcase your 1, 2 step as you're at it. 


Who it is for:"1, 2 Step" is that the tone for the man who does more than simply chill in the pub when out in a nightspot; he actually goes out there to impress and meet. 


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4. P.I.M.P. - 50 Cent feat. Snoop Dogg


This pimpin' ode to mackin' on girls will stay a welcome ringtone. The idle raps of both 50 Cent and Snoop are supported with a now-famous defeat, which contrasts nicely to a phone. 


Who it is for: The only man who attracts an entourage with him clubbing and pops bottles of champagne at each chance wants this ringtone. 


5. Super Mario Theme


Keeping on the subject of, well, topics, Super Mario embodies the greatest match monitor. Loud, easy and childish, you are going to get props for using a funny audio in your mobile. 


Who it is for:The hardcore gamer who spends a great deal of time on his Xbox playing with Halo along with EA sports games will love the excellent Super Mario. 


6. Mission: Impossible Theme


In case Beverly Hills Cop gets got the No. 1 soundtrack motif, Mission: Impossible's is a close second. Whether you enjoy the U2, the Limp Bizkit or even the traditional edition, you will be happy this ringtone provides the very best elements of the renowned beat.


Who it is for: The mysterious guy who keeps secrets and remains a challenge for most of the girls he encounters should find that Mission: Impossible tone. 


7.Beverly Hills Cop Theme


One of those all-time great theme tunes, Beverly Hills Cop's song has an instantly recognizable defeat as a result of its jazzy input of synthesizers. Not only is it a fantastic beat, but it is also a classic'80s throwback, and your timing could not be better because these blasts from the past are all the rage today.


Who it is for: This tone is excellent for the nostalgic fan of all old school, by the Adidas tracksuits of their'80s into the fly matches of this'70s. 


8. Resort - Cassidy feat. R. Kelly


This R&B groove turned into an infectious hit as a result of some frequent hip hop beat and catchy lyrics. You can now relive the ode to the always-fun resort rendezvous by downloading it to a mobile, in which the low-key tone will let you understand someone's calling without bugging the individual near you. 


Who it is for: The typical business traveler will appreciate having this tone, as it provides them the'tude required to bring some provider back into his hotel room. 


9. I Do Not na Know - Mario Winans feat. P. Diddy


This eloquent track about a man who wants to turn a blind eye to his lady's adulterous ways was a mainstay on the pop airwaves for weeks. Whether you feel the man is a chump for allowing his woman do so or not, you can not argue with the fantastic defeat or P. Diddy's rap. 


Who it is for: This really is the perfect ringtone for all those men dealing with just a small play (particularly of the adulterous kind) within their own relationships. 


10. In Da Club - 50 Cent


The greatest club tune, 50's very first success is, according to all, nevertheless his finest. Commemorate that the rapper's victory by downloading"In Da Club", a ringtone using a multi-layered beat which will induce head-nods out of everyone in the area. 


Who it is for:"In Da Club" is ideal for all those folks who have an interior gangsta -- the one which hides behind the shirt-and-tie firm wear.